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About Us

Welcome to Lee Bank!

Since 1852, when Lee Savings Bank opened its doors, the town of Lee and its people revolved around farming, marble quarries, lumber and paper mills. Skilled trades professionals were abundant, and the town drew many talented immigrants. Hard work, neighborhoods, churches, local businesses and schools instilled Lee with a close-knit, self-contained identity.

Today, Lee is a 21st century town, yet close to its roots. A welcoming spirit and hardworking people reflect the essence of historical, small-town New England.

Lee Bank has endured as an independent community bank that has grown to serve the wider Berkshire County region. Yet we’ve stayed close to our founding principles: excellent service, sincerity of purpose and simplicity in banking.

We adhere to these standards each day by empowering our employees, customers and community in their work and play. Our values drive our work, our customer relationships and our philanthropy. They help our neighbors buy homes, start and maintain businesses, build and renovate, make wise investments and help others in need.

As small-town New England has changed, so has the banking world, but Lee Bank remains ahead of the curve. As some of our neighboring institutions seek out a “bigger is better” path by expanding beyond their home base, we believe that “better is better.” Free from the expectations of shareholders, we focus fully on sustaining our role as Berkshire County’s “Premier Relationship Bank.”

We are also equally proud of remaining in step with online and mobile technology advances that our customers expect in today’s banking world. Yet we are committed to our local branches and in-person customer relationships.

Face-to-face is how we make and keep customer relationships, and It’s where we deepen support for customers’ financial health and well-being. Our employees are our ambassadors, and their direct customer contact links Lee Bank to important issues and dynamics in our neighborhoods and in our county.

Lee Bank has the 21st century tools to meet the fast pace of our lives. Yet, we are old-fashioned with in-person services, problem-solving and community spirit.

Our customers’ confidence in Lee Bank has enabled us to re-invest at least 5 percent of our annual earnings directly back into our area’s nonprofit organizations. These nonprofits work with great dedication to improve the lives of everyone in Berkshire County. So, your business with us supports our partnership with our community, during good times and challenging times.

Thank you for your interest in Lee Bank. Feel free to call or email me directly anytime.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Chuck Leach
President, Lee Bank

[email protected]
Direct line: (413) 243-9292


Premier Products, Local Service

Providing our customers with the most innovative products is what we do. From free rewards checking accounts to online and mobile services, we’re committed to making your banking life as easy as possible.

The cornerstone of our success is outstanding customer satisfaction, and our customers continually provide us with feedback that they get exactly that! As Berkshire locals ourselves, we understand what our personal and business customers need when it comes to their banking. We are confident that your experience with Lee Bank will provide you with the unique benefits of simple, direct, and personal banking. Contact us today or stop by a branch to find out how we can help you.