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COVID-19 Update: 6/29/2020

Although our branches have been open by appointment all along, we will begin re-opening our lobbies for walk-in services on July 6, 2020*.

*Due to a previously planned renovation, our Stockbridge branch will continue to operate by appointment only and with drive-up services available during business hours. We anticipate re-opening the lobby to walk-in traffic by mid-August. We will provide updates on the renovation progress on our website and social media.

Managing the Risk

When you choose to come back into one of our branches, you will find we’ve taken all the precautions to manage the risk, just as we do in many other facets of our work:

  • We will require the use of masks when coming to our branches
  • We will ask that you practice social distancing, spacing yourself at least six feet from other customers and bank staff
  • We will continue to sanitize our branches throughout the day with a rotating choice of cleaning solutions
  • We have installed Plexiglass shields and guards to protect you and our employees
  • We continue to monitor our air quality systems and adjust, update and replace filters, etc. as required
  • We will be monitoring in-person traffic and making adjustments to our policies as necessary

Branch Hours

  • All branches will operate Monday – Friday from 8:30AM – 4:30PM
  • Great Barrington and Lenox branches will resume Saturday hours from 8:30AM - NOON

To speak to a team member at any of our branches, please call:

Great Barrington – (413)528-5531

Lee – (413)243-0117

Lenox – (413)499-9922

Pittsfield – (413)445-7270

Stockbridge – (413)298-3611

As a borrower, if you are experiencing financial stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please reach out by phone or email to your branch contact or to a member of our commercial team as we are poised to review every customer’s situation on a case-by-case basis. We fully recognize how much financial strain this will put on our national, regional and local economy and we will be collaborative in seeking out solutions to provide some financial relief.

Bank Contacts:

Administrative – Chuck Leach (413)243-9292; Susie Brown (413)243-9228

Commercial Lending – Bruce Marzotto (413)243-9289; Dave Harrington (413)243-9227; Chris Kinne (413)243-9295; Mark McKenna (413)243-9230; Kevin Bisaccio (802)688-7553

Residential Lending – Paula Lewis (413)243-9278; Haley Burke (413)243-9223; Katy Broggi (413)243-9262; Bonnie Masefield (413)243-9290; Kathy Kelly (413)243-9205; Greg Landry (413)207-4244

Retail Banking – Brandy McKie (413)243-9298; Tina Bartini (413)243-7601; Sooja Whalen (413)243-9260

Online Banking Set-up/Inquiries – Anthony Pultorak (413)499-9922; Bridget Albano (413)499-9922; Matt Foley (413)243-9263

Collections – Laura Brown (413)243-9233

Please know that behind the walls of our organization, we too are members of the community. We are going through the same feelings and struggles that many of you are. We don’t have all the answers, but we are continuously educating ourselves on what will best serve each of you during this time, while keeping health and safety our top priority. 

For your safety and the safety of our employees, please follow the CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19.



Chuck Leach

President & CEO


[email protected]