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Fraud Prevention

Lee Bank would like to remind customers to be alert when receiving pop up messages on tablets/computers, phone calls, texts, and/or email communications that claim to be from Lee Bank or regarding your Lee Bank account(s).  If you’re not confident that you’re speaking with a Lee Bank employee, stop all communication and contact us at 413-243-0117 or 800-843-4100.  Lee Bank employees will not confirm they are an employee with the bank by emailing or texting a Lee Bank photo ID. Lee Bank will never ask you for your personal account information (including passwords) via text, email, or phone call. 

How to protect yourself against text/pop up message scams

Some tips from the American Bankers Association include:

  • Never click on links on texts or emails in a text or email notification. Instead, go to the bank’s website (even if you’ve signed up for text alerts). Use the URL listed on your statements or that you’ve previously bookmarked, and check for any alerts on your account.
  • If you get a robocall or call from someone claiming to be from your bank, hang up. Then contact your bank in a way you know to be legitimate, either online or by calling the phone number on your statement or debit card.
  • Never provide account data or personal info.  As ABA's website explains, “our bank will never ask for your PIN, password, or one-time login code in a text message. If you receive a text message asking for personal information, it’s a scam.” 
  • Don’t rely on caller ID. Scammers can use technological tricks to display actual bank phone numbers or even the name of the bank.
  • Be wary of a message or caller insisting that you take immediate action. Scammers try to put you under pressure to act quickly, to make it more difficult for you to think clearly.
  • When in doubt, seek assistance. If you’re unsure what to do in response to what appears to be an alert from your bank, stop and ask a trusted person — a friend, family member or coworker — to help you.